Sunny Rodgers

Me, In Three Words -

Organized, Innovative, Hardworking


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My background has prepared me to work well in any situation. Multi-tasking is my forte! I am a born problem solver, a quick learner and work as easily independently, as I do as part of a team. I am resourceful and well understand the concepts of priority. I have an "I can handle it" attitude that gets the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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It is unbelievable that I have over 17 years experience in marketing and brand development, but it’s true.  Odd because with each new venture, I learn and take on new opportunities and challenges so it doesn’t seem like I have been doing the same thing for 17 years.  I had never thought of myself as a marketer or brand developer, but as I worked my way through rebranding established organizations, branding new organizations, starting a business, creating new client relationships and becoming a marketing director and creative person, I found that it’s only when you are willing to risk, do you realize all you are capable of.  Looking back, the consistency has been in my creative thinking and an overall love for growing companies.

Past And Present

I have successfully worked for several companies in different industries and have also run my own businesses.  I launched Zendo Peak, LLC Creative Marketing and Design, and it was an eye opener.  Marketing professionals are not known to be very right-brained, but run a business and you have to be just as dedicated to the financial numbers and R.O.I. as the growth of the business.

When Doc Johnson asked me to be their Marketing Director, I jumped at the opportunity. Since arriving at Doc Johnson two years ago, I have taken on licensing and model management, in addition to leading a marketing team, creating an award-winning radio show, launching innovative mainstream marketing campaigns that include content marketing, and being the right-hand man to the CCO. Being part of the Doc Johnson family has allowed me to develop new ways to brand an established company - and I have many more ideas that are in the works!

When NS Novelties asked me to come on board to head sales and marketing for their new novelty division, I couldn't wait to start. My position with Taylor Made Enterprises brought me back into an industry I love and thrive in, and gave me the chance to help build a new novelty company from the bottom up.

When LFP asked me to join their team based on the work I had accomplished with Topco, the new division I headed was literally a blank canvas.  I had to create a brand for this new organization, as well as a product line, company structure and corporate guidelines.  I created an entire new identity and made sure that the quality, style and message were consistently adhered to via a Brand Style Guide and thorough procedure manual.  I created systems and templates to produce new, original products and market them at reasonable prices.  I am very proud of what I was able to do there.


What's It Like To Work With Me

I prefer working with a plan of action rather than responding to a crisis, but I can do both.  I work hard and expect my team members to work as hard, but also believe in rewarding hard work.  I enjoy working with others, especially at brainstorming sessions.  Getting people excited about an idea or campaign makes the team effort a group effort and good ideas go nowhere if you do not have an engaged, interested team behind you.  I think and laugh out loud, can be very easy going, but fierce when it comes to defending a good idea. 

I have been known to bring doughnuts.